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Australian Therapy Services is an innovative provider of online support services for families and schools. We help children access quality services wherever and whenever they need them. Our goal is to help children succeed in life at home and school by identifying and supporting their developmental needs.

We support children in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia by providing high-quality online speech therapy, occupational therapy, learning support and mental health services.

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Why choose an online service?

Online services are continuously improving with advances in technology, research and clinical experiences. 

Schools and families are choosing to access online services because they are:


There is a growing body of positive evidence that shows online services have similar outcomes to in person sessions. Telehealth services are considered valid and reliable. The research shows that many telehealth clients report high levels of satisfaction.


Telehealth services are convenient. They can be offered at home or school with no travel time. Being an online service, allows us to offer a broad range of services with reduced wait times, access to varied specialists and flexibility. Services can be integrates as part of school programs.


Advances in technology have resulted in higher quality video and sound resulting in a more natural interaction. Working virtually opens a world of technology based resources (games, book, videos) that help engage and support the child’s learning

Improved Communication

Telehealth services keep the focus on the child and builds support networks through parent coaching and teacher training models. Strong relationships can be built online.

Our online platform keeps parents, schools and the therapist connected. Teachers and parents can participate an observe sessions regardless of location. Activities and resources can be stored and shared.