We know that schools are committed to ensuring that every student thrives, but getting access to the services, programs and resources needed can be a challenge. 

Our Services has been designed to help schools meet these needs by connecting schools to professionals and services using our innovative telehealth option. Our professionals are based in Australia. 

What makes our approach different? 

We are committed to providing a service as part of an inclusive health model which fosters collaboration between the school, family and therapist.

We build the capacity of teachers to identify children who may need additional assistance and develop their ability to better support these children in the classroom.

We have developed systems to ease the administrative burden on schools by using a telehealth platform which allows the school a single point of access to our services with readily available information on schedules, sessions, billings and other analytics.

We remove the burden on international schools to source, train, supervise and provide resources for a school based therapist, counsellors or facilitate access to limited local services.

Speech Pathology

We can support students struggling with communication such as expressing themselves, understanding instructions, pronunciation or stuttering.

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Occupational Therapy

We can support students with building competencies in area of difficulties in areas of their everyday living with physical and behavioural support.

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